NanoEMI to work with Ericsson on validation of its technology in telecommunication devices

NanoEMI logoNanoEMI, A Poland-based company working on graphene-based EMI shielding applications, recently announced that it was selected by Startup Spark accelerator at Lodz Special Economic Zone to work with Ericsson on validation of its technology in innovative telecommunication devices.

EMI shielding methods traditionally rely on metal, which adds weight and is expensive. A significant body of research demonstrates that carbon nanostructure-based nanocomposite materials can outperform conventional metal shielding due to their light weight, resistance to corrosion, flexibility, and processing advantages. On top of all these, graphene’s excellent conductivity makes it a perfect candidate for such applications. Graphene-based EMI shielding is an interesting area of focus, and recent advances include Nanotech Energy’s announcement of the debut of its EMI Armor Paint & Sheets, graphene powered coatings and films for electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) shielding, as well as heat management.

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