Fighting climate change with graphene, by Graphex Technologies

Climate change is a serious threat to the ecosystem and the planet, and many efforts are made in order to achieve a zero-carbon footprint and limit global warming. Fighting climate change would have to involve a substantial shrinkage in greenhouse gas emissions and a paradigm shift towards developing and using more eco-friendly, renewable energy technologies.

Spherical graphite photo (Graphex)Spherical graphite by Graphex

When contemplating a ‘greener’ future, it seems inevitable that the transportation sector would have to play a decisive role in achieving a carbon-neutral society, and the next few years are expexted to mark a shift towards electric vehicles. However, existing electric vehicles face great challenges in terms of public acceptance, as concerns regarding driving range per charge and vehicle price linger among consumers. To become the predominant technology, electric cars would have to replace the current large and bulky batteries with more advanced and efficient ones that would improve performance and bring down costs.

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